Re: URI parser in glib (missing)

On 01/29/2011 08:03 AM, Antono Vasiljev wrote:
> Something as good as in previous implementations missing in glib.
> Most generic implementation I found in GNet but is deprecated.
> Should I port this to GLib?

I started some work on a glib URI parser in the guri branch of
git://, which is based on SoupURI, the 3
URI parsers in evolution (camel, e-utils, and e2k-utils) and various
other stuff. I never finished it, and if you look through the commits,
you'll see I kept changing things around as I was working on it and I'm
still not totally sure what the best way to make it work well for
everyone is.

I'm not sure if I'm going to pick this up again in time for glib 2.30,
but if you want to work on it, I can clarify what I was thinking in the
parts where it's not obvious. And I think it's important that before we
commit it, we actually try porting various other bits of code (evo,
libsoup, gvfs, etc) to use it, to make sure it really does meet people's

Also, I'm considering
to be the canonical "URI parsing in glib" bug.

-- Dan

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