Re: 3.0: remove client messages

On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 7:13 AM, Benjamin Otte <otte gnome org> wrote:
> Hey,
> I intend to remove the following things from GDK on my quest to get
> rid of GdkNativeWindow.
> structs:
> - GdkEventClientMessage:
> functions:
> - gdk_add_client_message_filter()
> - gdk_event_send_client_message()
> - gdk_event_send_clientmessage_toall()
> - gdk_event_send_client_message_for_display()
> signals:
> - GtkWidget::client
> That code like it hasn't been touched in years, Google codesearch
> didn't find any users and most importantly it's a horrendous API, so
> I'd be happy if I could just make it die instead of having to port it
> over to non-GdkNativeWindow usage.
> Which brings me to the point of this mail:
> Is there an actual user of this?

In Xfce we use this for panel plugin communication (for a couple of
years now) and the systray implementations (xfce4-panel and
gnome-panel) use it too. That said in 4.8, plugins can port to new api
which uses dbus and we can also use XSendEvent directly.


Ps. if code wasn't touched in years, it is also possible it actually *worked*.

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