Re: Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2011-01-25


• overriding icons (css equivalent for gtkrc stock icons)
  ∘ it is possible to do override stock icons by relying on the
fallback to icon-theme and prepending to the icon theme path
  ∘ some stock functionality (per-state, per-text-direction variants)
not available in this way
  ∘ -> punted to 3.2
• key themes
  ∘ carlos has started to look into it, but not going to be done in time
  ∘ -> punted to 3.2
• treeview port to GtkStyleContext
  ∘ has been through two rounds of review, almost there
  ∘ kris is going to finish the final review tomorrow
  ∘ -> will land this week
• replacement for /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
  ∘ need a way to set themes for gtk apps running outside a session
(examples: anaconda, firstboot)
  ∘ GtkCssProvider doesn't look in /etc
  ∘ We can't set settings in css, currently
  ∘ -> I'm going to investigate a simple keyfile to provide overrides
for the default values of settings, should be ready before the end of
th week
• cell layout initialization
  ∘ the general feeling was that the current situation (derived cell
layout implementations have to know to do stuff in constructor instead
of init) is not acceptable.
  ∘ some of the concerns about the complication of changing cell areas
at 'bad times' can be addressed e.g. by restricting this to unrealized
widgets, or to views without models, etc.
  ∘ the current patch to make cell areas runtime-settable is incomplete
  ∘ proposal: Make cell-areas non-settable in 3.0. Considering there
is only one cell area implementation, this is not a huge loss.
Alternatively, complete the patch for runtime-settable cell areas
within the next week.
• release timing:
  ∘ considering that we still plan to land changes this week, will do
a 2.99.4 release next Tuesday, then wait a week to declare it 3.0

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