Re: Problems with Orca and Accerciser calling GConf client and at-spi2

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 17:22, Piñeiro <apinheiro igalia com> wrote:
> So my question (please, if there are a best ml, point that, AFAIK,
> there isn't a gobject introspection mailing list):
>  * There is a way to force to "load the old python bindings" when you
>    call "import gconf" ?

The problem here is that the python classes that wrap GType types are
kept in a cache indexed by GType. This means that whatever wrapper for
a given GType gets loaded the first will stick for the rest of the
life of the process.


We could do some hacks to workaround this but given that pygtk are the
only supported bindings for gtk+2 and pygobject+introspection are the
only supported bindings for gtk+3, probably python modules in GNOME
should keep separate branches depending on the gtk+ version they are
supposed to work with.



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