GDBus support on Win32 + other platforms (Was Re: GtkApplication and argc/arv)


Just for the record, there's no reason that GDBus cannot be made to
work very nicely on Win32 or any other platform we care about. GDBus
(and D-Bus itself) was designed with this goal in mind.

That is to say, it is possible to make a Win32 build of GLib where
GDBus works as expect in both peer-to-peer mode (this already works,
GDBus supports e.g. the nonce-tcp: transport) and in session bus mode
(including autospawning the bus if necessary and talking to other apps

FWIW, the latter clearly includes shipping a copy of dbus-daemon.exe
along with the GLib libraries which you already need to ship as part
of your app. It also includes D-Bus spec work to find the address of
the bus - right now this is *undocumented* (that is, does not
mention how) but I had this working at some point, see

If someone wants to work on this, I'd recommend

1. Get the missing pieces into the spec (the DBusAutolaunchMutex and
DBusDaemonMutex stuff).

2. Make "dbus-launch --autolaunch=<machine_id> --binary-syntax
--close-stderr" a supported and official D-Bus interface - because
with this 3rd party D-Bus implementations (like GDBus) can simply use
that to launch the message bus (e.g. not have to care about where to
get the bus address, be it in the X server, the Windows registry, OS
X's launch or whatever). Note: on the free desktop we actually rely on
this to work

3. Ship dbus-daemon.exe and dbus-launch.exe (and possibly other bits
from the dbus-1 package) along with the GLib libraries on Win32 (and
ditto on OS X)

Bottom line: D-Bus support can (relatively easily) be made to work on
all the platforms that we care about in GLib and GTK+. Which means
that it's actually fine to have a *hard* dependency on D-Bus in
GApplication if we wanted. Of course it's a lot easier to not use
D-Bus because in reality Win32 and OS X resources in the GLib and
D-Bus projects are just not there. And for other reasons, it's
probably better to use native frameworks for application uniqueness
*anyway* - for example, on Win 7 you want to use the native APIs for
better shell integration.


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