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On 02/24/11 10:58, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
> Why do you care what GTK+ uses if you dont have to deal with the
> dbus apis yourself anyway ?

Because dbus is slow and unreliable.
a.) restart dbus daemon (and keep everything communicating to dbus
    still working) is not supported by upstream in a sensible way.
b.) dbus can not be used over network
    You have to setup a proxy for dbus to use it over network.


We have other speedy and reliable IPC to be used for single instance
apps. Why I have to use dbus just because I use GTK+ at the same time?

This topic is started by Murray Cumming because he is trying to wrap
GtkApplication for gtkmm. Why we force all gtkmm users to use dbus?

As I have said, I have nothing against GtkApplication, I just do not
want to us dbus.

> afaik, dbus is the desktops "IPC future", sounds like a better
> idea to send patches and improve it than to just hate it.

How can you improve dbus when it is designed to not support restart and
over network?

>> c.) For stability
>> 	Crash of one process will not affect other processes.
> Eh, ok... I don't really agree but the fact is you might sell
> that to a manager somewhere who wants to ship his unstable software
> early and say "it doesnt crash" at least most of the time, or
> "when it crashes" only one window crashes "so its ok to sell it
> to users".

Crash is not always due to internal bug or unstable software.
a.) inadequate resources
    For example, you open a really large file in an editor.
    The editor freeze and you want to kill it, but the editor
    still has other windows opened.
b.) dbus restart / dbus crashes
    Congratulation! Your well-written, bug-free single instance app
c.) killed by user

I like single instance. I have said it is good in my first reply.
I just do not want everything to be single instance.

Kind regards
 Wen-Yen Chuang (caleb)
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