Re: Coming to grips with the state of a11y in gtk

On 02/17/11 09:43, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Hey,
> I've spent the last night poring through gail bugs and code, and came
> to the conclusion that we need to face the tough reality that the
> state of a11y in GTK+ is sadly declining. There were years old patches
> in  bugzilla which fix pretty obvious bugs; on top of that, I've fixed
> at least one bug that would lead to instant segfault in the file
> chooser when a11y is turned on.
> I think we need to start over on the gail implementations, essentially.
> Now, we obviously can't do that by throwing away all we have now and
> start from a blank slate. The only way this can work, imo, is to move
> implementations from gail to gtk 1-by-1 and fixing them up in the
> process. I wonder if we can come up with some plan for how to organize
> that practically.

If it can be tested easily (ie. without having to put my entire desktop at the
mercy of a11y), and the porting process documented fairly well, I imagine we
can organize a hacking weekend on IRC to port widgets one by one.  If ten
people attend, should make great progress...


> The current state of affairs cannot be useful for anybody. While I was
> digging at this with accerciser last night, it would let me poke
> things for a bit, but as soon as I look back at the code, accerciser
> would lock up hard, sometimes freezing random other applications in
> the process...
> Matthias
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