Help with Gobjection Introspection in Lib32 compilation

Hi all.

I'm compiling some packages from source to lib32 packages for Archlinux. The propose of these lib32 packages is to have only 32-bit library for a 64-bit system - no executable, no documentation, etc. See sample for lib32-alsa-lib: (

However,�I am�having problem with GObject Introspection. In Archlinux, it is dependecy in compilation time for some of packages, for example, GStreamer0.10 or Gconf. Normally, errors when compiling lib32 happens when a 64-bit system library is being used for the 32 bit compilation. See compilation log of lib32-gconf, for example:�

I'm able to compile these packages disabling introspection ("--enable-introspection=no").

What are the consequences of not having introspection enable? Will this affect the usage of these library?

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