Re: Website proposal for usability

On 08/02/11 04:46, Devin Samarin wrote:
Pong... Sorry I haven't checked my e-mails in a while


Glad you're still alive! :)

On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 1:29 AM, Martyn Russell<martyn lanedo com>  wrote:
On 21/01/11 11:21, Martyn Russell wrote:

On 31/08/10 09:22, Devin Samarin wrote:

Oh sorry I didn't e-mail you directly. I moved it to to solve some directory issues.

Hi Devin,

Is your site down again?

Yes unfortunately.. the computer that is hosting it is being fixed
right now. I have backups but I don't have anywhere to host atm

I see. Perhaps you could tar up the site and send it to me directly and I could host it temporarily? We could put it on my private server ( or somewhere?


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