Re: URI parser in glib (missing)

Excerpts from Dan Winship's message of 2011-01-31 16:33:39 +0200:

> I started some work on a glib URI parser in the guri branch of
> git://, which is based on SoupURI, the 3
> URI parsers in evolution (camel, e-utils, and e2k-utils) and various
> other stuff. I never finished it, and if you look through the commits,
> you'll see I kept changing things around as I was working on it and I'm
> still not totally sure what the best way to make it work well for
> everyone is.

> I'm not sure if I'm going to pick this up again in time for glib 2.30,
> but if you want to work on it, I can clarify what I was thinking in the
> parts where it's not obvious.

I'm beginner in C programming but I can try to make something
useful in my branch. I checked out your branch and rebased it on
top of current master. Now I need to be able build my test
programs with modified glib, how can I do it?

> And I think it's important that before we
> commit it, we actually try porting various other bits of code (evo,
> libsoup, gvfs, etc) to use it, to make sure it really does meet people's
> needs.

Why not commit first and then migrate apps to GUri? Isn't it
usual way things changes in GTK/Glib?

> Also, I'm considering
> to be the canonical "URI parsing in glib" bug.

Good point.

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