Re: GMenuModel has landed

On 12/12/2011 10:45 AM, Ryan Lortie wrote:
On Sun, 2011-12-11 at 18:24 -0800, Matthew Brush wrote:
My (probably misguided) opinion is that if this type of stuff can't go
into GTK+ for some reason, there should be a `glib-ui` or `glib-gnome`
library or something like this.  I have doubts how many apps linking to
GIO without GTK+ are going to need such a model, either because they
don't have a UI at all or are using some other toolkit which likely
provides a mechanism of its own for this.

We had this conversation in context of GSettings, a few years ago.  It
wasn't really IO, so why should it go in GIO?  We threw around the idea
of libgplatform or libdesktop and so on and decided that we should just
treat libgio as this.  That's when we started (only half-jokingly)
insisting that GIO stands for "GLib Interfaces and Objects".

I think a separate G library would be an *excellent* idea, much more sensible and practical from a "consumer" (app developer) POV. A quick scan through the API docs, I'd nominate the following to be moved to a separate library:

  - Icons
  - Settings
  - Application support
  - (the menu stuff)

Everything else in there seems to be, even if not purely "IO", at least used by or in conjunction with the other stuff that is (I think).

I have a long-held belief that the "model" side of things that are not
directly related to widgets should be kept outside of the toolkit.  I'd
support, for example, a GtkTreeModel replacement to be merged into

Yep, I certainly don't disagree with this either, just that it's strange to put this type of stuff in the IO library (IMO). It feels like there's some stuff in the G stack that's looking for a home and everything just winds up in GIO, like it's a dumping ground for miscellaneous stuff (which I guess it is as you said, presently).

I just fear people will start calling GIO "bloated" and GNOME-bound and might cause people who would've otherwise used this excellent IO library to either re-write their own or look elsewhere.

Just my $0.02 as a Joe Random Hacker :)

Matthew Brush

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