Re: GMenuModel has landed


On Fri, 2011-12-09 at 16:07 +0100, Steve Frécinaux wrote:
> Do you plan on/Would the current Gmenu infrastructure allow something 
> like the mockups in [1] ? Especially, menus like the Mega-menu mockup 
> for EoG adding a dropdown menu in the title bar [2] would seem to be 
> feasible server-site, but what about the rest ?

We had a plan to introduce a GtkApplicationMenuButton as an alternative
to the gnome-shell application menu in order to display that menu.

The way GMenu is constructed is rather extremely generic: each item is
just a list of attributes plus (optionally) links to other GMenus.  You
can imagine quite a lot of ways that this could be used to construct
menus like those in the mockups.

I expect that the sort of things we see in the mega-menu examples are
things that might actually be appropriate for inclusion in the shell
application menu as well.  Unlike the menubars, I do expect that some
'more interesting' things will eventually want to go on there.

I think what needs to happen before we commit to anything is that we
have firm design mockups.  At that point, we can ask ourselves "okay.
what do we need to do to support this?"


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