Re: GVariant singletons

On Fri, 09 Dec 2011 at 09:23:57 +1100, Andrew Cowie wrote:
> Came up on gtk-app-devel-list not to long ago;
> I asked what the best location to install the suppression files would
> be? Perhaps
>         /usr/share/suppression/glib.sup
>         /usr/share/suppression/gtk.sup
>         /usr/share/suppression/pango.sup

/usr/lib/valgrind/*.supp (double p) is where it automatically looks.
Debian's Valgrind packaging already ships a few suppressions, mostly for

For optimum parallel-installability of versions it may be best to use a
name corresponding to the SONAME of the library (e.g.,

glib-2.0.supp, gtk-3.supp would also work if GLib, Gtk will (by policy)
never break ABI and become *.so.1.

I'll be on a train for a while today, so I'll see if I can distil something
generally-useful out of the suppressions in telepathy-glib and


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