Re: Merged "treemodel-fix" branch

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 10:16 PM, J. Ali Harlow <ali avrc city ac uk> wrote:
> This sounds really great, Kris. Is there any chance the unit tests could
> be made callable on other TreeModel implementations (eg., for use in
> unit tests of other libraries). I have my own tests, but it would be
> even better to use a set of tests written by somebody who really
> understands what the requirements are.

The tests that we have now really center around unit testing the
models which are shipped with GTK+ itself.

Having an automatic tester for generic GtkTreeModels to test for
conformance is still something I would love to have and have been
thinking about before. It would be a module in which you plug your own
implementation of GtkTreeModel to have it tested.  I was wondering on
how this would look like -- but I guess it could be something like
"gtk_tree_model_auto_test_new_with_model(GtkTreeModel*)".  Second, I
think an interface is needed to tell the auto tester how to add/remove
rows in the custom model, since GtkTreeModel only deals with read

I will think some more about it.



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