Re: make glib-2.29.16 fails on

Quoting "George Brink" <siberianowl yahoo com>:

On 8/16/2011 3:31 PM, Dieter Verfaillie wrote:
You seem to be hitting the same stuff I have already encountered,
so you might also be interested in my windows branch here:

Yes, I am trying to build GTK+3 on Windows... without any luck for now.

Hang in there, it's possible. Have had it working (even with
introspection support) for some time now. The mswindows theme engine
is broken though...

Your branch also is not very easy to use. You did not published ready to use configure script, and automake from MSYS does show a lot of errors while attempting to make a new configure.

Well, it's a branch, not a source tarball so you are indeed expected
to either:
- "fix" MSYS (haven't had time yet to build a mingw-get-able
  repo for this) or;
- you can also simply NOCONFIGURE=1 ./autogen on a Linux box/vm and
  do everything else with MinGW/MSYS.


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