Re: Please fill out the GtkLabel questionnaire

On 04/09/11 11:42, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
>>> > > Labels currently don't wrap and ellipsize both, it would be nice if
>>> > > they did however (and it's certainly possible, I would imagine the
>>> > > whole text would wrap as much as possible and the text that doesnt
>>> > > fit would be ellipsized only on the last line).
>>> > >
>> > Oh? Is this a limitation in Pango or is that just missing inside GtkLabel?
> Looks like we could use pango_layout_set_height ().

Exactly.  As far as I can imagine, wrapping and ellipsizing at the same time
only makes sense if you have both a limited width, and limited height.  And
that's exactly what Pango does.  There are known corner cases unhandled, but
API-wise, it should work.


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