Re: Gtk+ html backend (broadway win32?)

On Sun, 2011-04-10 at 16:00 +0200, Hans Breuer wrote:
> The Gtk+ html backend might be the killer feature motivating me to put more 
> effort in Dia's gtk3 porting. Getting it to compile on win32 was easy and I 
> could commit the initial bits soon.
> Unfortunately the implementation appears to be relying on a Unix paradigm 
> (everything is a file) , which is not easily achievable for win32.
> If I understood the code correctly broadway_output_write_raw() uses 
> write(socket_fd,...) to send data over the network. On Windows file handles 
> are not interchangeable with winsock handles. The following code could 
> overcome that limitation here:
> #ifndef G_OS_WIN32
>        res = write(output->fd, ptr, count);
> #else
>        res = send (output->fd, ptr, count, 0);
> #endif
> But there are also libz compressed streams used by:
> 	output->zfd = gzdopen(fd, "wb");
> 	res = gzwrite(output->zfd, ptr, count);
> 	gzclose (output->zfd);
> which can not work as is on win32 (though it does compile;)).
> I see two potential options in solving this:
>   1) changing the broadway backend to optionally only use
>      uncommpressed network streams

That would suck ass. We rely on the compression to get any form of
decent performance as we have to send all images as base64 encoded png

>   2) making use of gio streams in gdk-broadway, and implement the platform
>      specific bits in gio, where the network abstraction already lives.

This is the prefered way. Shouldn't be that hard as everything
(including zlib compression) is supported by gui. I even had it
partially done at some point but lost that work.

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