Gvfs/gphoto2 problem


I recently bought a Nikon D7000 and when I connect it to my Linux system, it does not get detected automatically. When I try the gphoto2 command line tool, it seems to be able to communicate with the camera:

$ gphoto2 -L
There is no file in folder '/'.
There is no file in folder '/store_00010001'.
There is no file in folder '/store_00010001/DCIM'.
There are 17 files in folder '/store_00010001/DCIM/102D7000'.
#1     DSC_0742.JPG               rd  3094 KB 4928x3264 image/jpeg
#17    DSC_0760.JPG               rd  2149 KB 4928x3264 image/jpeg

When I mount the camera manually

$ gvfs-mount "gphoto2://[usb:xxx,yyy]/"

I get no errors, but when I try to access the mount point I get the error "Sorry, could not display all the contents of "NIKON DSC D7000": Failed to get folder list: -1: Unspecified error"

I don't have this problem with other PTP cameras.

Does anyone knows how to debug such a problem and where should I be looking?


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