Re: Take part in gkt+ development

On Thu, 2010-09-23 at 05:05 +0000, Alexander Kuleshov wrote:
> >You should file bugs in bugzilla and attach patches there
> >for review (or attach patches for existing bugs):
> >
> Ok, i understand.
> >The current development focus is the master branch (future GTK+3)
> I clone:
> git clone git://
> and
> git clone git://
> for development. It's true?

   except I really recommend you use jhbuild[0] to do this
for you.

To build GTK+ master you're going to also need development
(or at least up-to-date) versions of dependant libraries 
such as gobject-introspection, gdk-pixbuf, cairo, pango and atk.

Using jhbuild will allow you to chose an relocated prefix
for building and installing all of this, and will sort out
dependencies so you dont need to think too much about building
everything by hand one-by-one.



> Thank you for reply.
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