Re: events for no-window widgets

A couple other ideas, just to put more options in the pile.

Minor concern. gdk_event_set_coords() and set_source() could be
problematic in that GdkEvent would become a mutable non-GObject. This
is normally considered Bad language-binding-wise. Though in this case,
the implications are perhaps limited since events don't "stick around"
and multiple proxies for one event would probably be OK.

Another API for getting events to no-window widgets, would drop
GdkEvent for this, and add something like:

/* pretend these are opaque objects with accessors but that's too much
typing in this email ;-) */

typedef struct {
  gdouble x, y; /* widget relative */
  GtkWidget *source;
  GdkDevice *device;
  /* rest of any useful fields here */
 GdkEvent *event; /* original event in case you need window or root
relative, or whatever */
} GtkButtonPress;

struct GtkEventReceiverClass {
void (* button_press) (GtkEventReceiver*, GtkButtonPress*); /* this
bubbles the button press. */

There could or could not be a "base class" for GtkButtonPress,
KeyPress, etc. and a "base signal" ::bubble that was emitted for all
of them. It could be that each button_press, button_release, etc.
bubbles separately with its own vfunc directly. Without the base
class, you never actually have to name this GtkEvent or use the word
event, which avoids some of the namespace collision.


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