Re: Take part in gkt+ development

On Wed, 2010-09-22 at 15:09 +0000, Alexander Kuleshov wrote:
> Hello list,
> First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander Kuleshov.
> Now I m student, programmer. I have some expirience in C/gtk+
> programming (i took part in Google summer of Code in this year) And I
> want to take part in gtk+/glib development. I have some question:

Great :)

> 1) If i write patch, where must i send it?

You should file bugs in bugzilla and attach patches there
for review (or attach patches for existing bugs):

> 2) What version of gtk+, must i use for development? From git?

You should build from git yes, master branch holds all the exciting
new stuff for upcoming GTK+ 3.0, gtk-2-22 branch (correct me if I'm
wrong) will be the last stable bugfixing branch for the 2.x series.

Building GTK+ using jhbuild is a good start too (it will ease your
life in getting the dependencies built right, and make it easier
to build GNOME applications against devel versions of GTK+).

You should also join GimpNet irc channel #gtk+ to get a feel for 
how things work.


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