Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2010-09-21

Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2010-09-21

• GTK3 cleanup tasks
  ‣ GtkObject deprecation / removal (bug: 615666)
  - widget flags deprecation
  - move ::destroy to GtkWidget
  - some churn, especially for gnome-canvas/eelcanvas
  - possibly deprecate ::destroy altogether: use weak-pointer/weak-ref
    or move ::destroy to Window & Menu instead

  ‣ gtk_widget_hide_all deprecation / removal (bug: 438318)
  - limited use: hide the container
  - deprecate show_all()? too much churn, only makes sense with a change
    of default visibility for non-toplevels

  ‣ uri hooks cleanup (bug: 339745)
  - hooks are a pain for language bindings, both static and introspection
  - Dialog URI hook → ::link-activated signal (like GtkLabel)
  - LinkButton URI hook → ::clicked signal

  ‣ remove notebook unneeded code (bug: 96834)
  - needs a hero to write a patch
  - also: remove tab scrolling with the scroll button (bug: 630226)
  - bratsche wrote a patch
  - conservative option: make it conditional and turned off by default
  - bold option: remove it
  - also: revisit the DnD API

  ‣ GTK_POLICY_AUTOMATIC as default (bug: 468672)
  - general consensus

  ‣ Since tags
  - 1. do we remove "Since: 2.x"?
  - 2. do we need "Since: 3.0"?
  - baggage, but not much
  - what happens for changes between 2.2[24] and 3.0?

• coding style conventions
- proposal: adopt the Clutter document, as it codifies the gtk+ as well
- investigate an indent script to distribute with gtk+

• rending-cleanup
- ready to be merged
- blocking on the patches for mutter
- merge will happen with mutter, gtk3-engines, gnome-terminal, nautilus
- poke Company for ${YOUR_APPLICATION}

• async error traps in GDK
- use them with gdk_error_trap_pop_ignored()
- remove sync/flush calls around the gdk_error_trap_pop()

log available at: http://live.gnome.org/GTK%2B/Meetings

next meeting: 2010-10-05 @ 20:00 UTC

W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.name
B: http://blogs.gnome.org/ebassi

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