Re: Patch for gdk-pixbuf ICO "regression"

Hi Damian,

first of all, thanks for spotting this and taking the time to work on
a patch, the standard way to submit patches for proposal is, please file a bug in bugzilla and attach the patch
to it.


2010/9/9 Damjan Jovanovic <damjan jov gmail com>:
> Hi
> The shared MIME database now identifies .ico files as
> "image/", and since gdk-pixbuf doesn't list that as
> a MIME type, libgnome-desktop no longer wants to thumbnail .ico files,
> and (at least) Nautilus thus displays no thumbnail for .ico files.
> The attached 1 line patch adds "image/" to the MIME
> types listed by the gdk-pixbuf ICO loader and fixes the problem.
> Thank you
> Damjan Jovanovic
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Alberto Ruiz

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