Re: GLib 2.26 release plans (and GApplication)

Hi Ryan and the rest of the Gtk+ team,

Sorry for not attending the meeting today, I have an exam next week
and I really have to focus.

I have a question though, regarding the situation with GApplication:

2010/9/7 Ryan Lortie <desrt desrt ca>:
>  - go back to libunique (which is GDBus-enabled these days)
>  - copy-paste today's GApplication code into your application
>  - something else

Would it be possible to move the current GApplication code to which a
lot of apps are already ported to an external library somehow, or does
this piece of code need to be inside GLib?
If that is the case and the R-T would be fine with adding it as an
external-dep, that would give us some advantages:

1) People who have already done the porting, won't be as pissed off as
they are now.
2) We would have a more flexible place to play with the API in
conjunction with the app developers.
3) Once everybody is happy with the API, we move the module back.

I am totally unfamiliar with the technical implications of such
proposal, but from a module maintainer perspective, I think this would
alleviate some of the pain that removing this completely is going to

My 2 cents.

Alberto Ruiz

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