Re: (Style) Property review

I have now committed a first round of cleanups to master (and
corresponding deprectations to 2.22).

In detail,

> 1) GtkDialog::has-separator
>    GtkMessageDialog::use-separator

These are gone.

> 2) GtkStatusIcon::blinking


> 3) GtkIconView::orientation
>    GtkCellRendererProgress::orientation
>    GtkProgressBar::orientation

GtkIconView::orientation has been renamed to item-orientation,
The progress orientation properties have been split into a
GtkOrientation and an 'inverted' boolean.

> 6) GtkEntry::state-hint
>    GtkTreeView::row-ending-details
>    GtkRange::activate-slider
>    GtkRange::stepper-position-details
>    GtkRange::trough-side-details
>    GtkWidget::wide-separators

These are all gone, except for wide-separators, which may need some more study.

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