Re: Gtk-OSX

On Sep 1, 2010, at 12:38 PM, Olav Vitters wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 09:56:12AM -0700, John Ralls wrote:
>> It's now on Sourceforge because when Richard decided with his partner
>> wind up Imendio and to withdraw from Gtk+, he asked on his forum for
>> someone to take over maintaining the build system. I bit, and after
>> some probing discovered that he'd not been successful in getting
>> anyone to take over *any* of the components; he had some hope that one
>> or more of his former Imendio employees who were still involved with
>> Gtk+ would take over maintaining the Gtk+ parts. I quickly discovered
>> that it would take some time and a lot of work to get a project
>> started at It took a week at Sourceforge, and only that
>> long because I did a hostile takeover of a moribund project that was a
>> fork of Gtk 1 whose name I wanted.
> If you want a Git account so you can commit to Gtk+, it should be pretty
> easy. Three steps basically:
> 1. For the person requesting it: follow
> 2. A gtk+ maintainer: approving the Git account
> 3. Accounts team: setting it up
> This can all be done very quickly.
> If for some reason there is a delay in above process, feel free to
> send me a message.

It seems likely that no. 2 will be the rub: I don't have a long track record compared to others who don't have git commit priv (Paul Davis comes to mind)... but maybe they never asked. So I just did. We'll see what happens, eh?

John Ralls

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