Re: multiroot-filechooser ready for merging

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 3:06 PM, Federico Mena Quintero
<federico ximian com> wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I've been running Christian Hammond's multiroot-filechooser branch for
> about a month now, with zero ill effects.  This is not surprising, as no
> apps actually use the multirooting functionality yet; what is nice is
> that those apps haven't broken yet.
> The past discussion is in bug #609886.
> I took the original multiroot-filechooser-2-20 branch and rebased it on
> top of master, and pushed the result as a new multiroot-filechooser
> branch.
> This is ready for merging into master, for 3.0.

Hey Federico,

I've committed some fixes to the branch to make it actually build.
After that, I played for 5 minutes with testfilechooser. The general
functionality of hiding out-of-root stuff seems to work fine, but the
completion in the entry has issues. When "rooted to $HOME and /tmp", I
found that typing '/' would still complete all toplevel directories,
while typing '/t' comes up with no completions. I would have expected
just '/tmp' in both cases.


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