GTK+ 2.91.3 released

GTK+ 2.91.3 is now available for download at:

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This is a development release leading toward 3.0.


 * GTK+ 3 will be parallel installable with GTK+ 2.x, and
   this release has been prepared to test this by renaming
   all .pc files, libraries, include paths, and so forth,
   to include a '3.0' component.

 * GTK+ 3 will remove deprecated API from the GTK+ 2.x series
   and make struct members unavailable that have been GSEALed
   in 2.x. Therefore, applications can be prepared for porting
   to GTK+ 3 by making sure that they build with
   and -DGSEAL_ENABLE. For more information about porting concerns,
   see the porting guide that is included in the API docs.

 * Bugs should be reported to

What is GTK+

GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user
interfaces. Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is suitable for
projects ranging from small one-off tools to complete application

GTK+ has been designed from the ground up to support a range of
languages, not only C/C++. Using GTK+ from languages such as Perl and
Python (especially in combination with the Glade GUI builder) provides
an effective method of rapid application development.

GTK+ is free software and part of the GNU Project. However, the
licensing terms for GTK+, the GNU LGPL, allow it to be used by all
developers, including those developing proprietary software, without
any license fees or royalties.

Where to get more information about GTK+

Information about GTK+ including links to documentation can be
found at:

An installation guide for GTK+ 2.x is found at:

Common questions:


GTK+ is a large project and relies on voluntary contributions.
We are actively searching for new contributors in various areas
and invite everyone to help project development.
If you are willing to participate, please subscribe to the project
mailing lists to offer your help and read over our list of vacant
project tasks:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.91.2 to 2.91.3

* The scrollable interface has gained some extra properties
  to influence scrolling behaviour: [hv]scroll-policy

* The size_request vfunc and signal have been deprecated and
  are no longer used inside GTK+ itself

* GtkAssistant has added a custom page type that gives full
  control of button visibility

* The homogeneous parameter has been removed from gtk_box_new

* Bugs fixed:
  61852 GtkTextBuffer needs a case insensitive search
 576498 GtkAssistant seals members without adding accessors
 612611 auto-mnemonics breaks menu scrolling
 633050 need gtk_combo_box_new_with_model_and_entry
 633216 Make gdk_rgba_to_string() take a const GdkRGBA
 633274 Add error trap around call to XFixesChangeSaveSet()
 633374 Port tests to GtkScrollable API...
 633500 statusbar labels behind resize grip on startup

* Updated translations:
 Catalan (Valencian)

Thanks to
 Tristan Van Berkom
 Javier Jardón
 Xan Lopez
 Owen Taylor
 Bastien Nocera
 Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
 Vincent Untz
 John Palmieri
 Carlos Garnacho
 Michael Natterer
 Christian Persch
 Martin Nordholts
 Paolo Borelli
who contributed to this release

November 1, 2010
Matthias Clasen

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