Deprecation of GtkTearoffMenuItem

Excuse me for bringing this on the mailing list, but it seems that bug don't have trigerred much attention .
I could not attend the IRC meeting to discuss this matter. So i would like to bring the subject on the mailing list.

Many uses cases have been explained and detailed on the bug tracker to not deprecate TearOff Menus (please take the time to read those before commenting my request)

Emmanuele Bassie thinks that maintaining a separate TearOff Menu out of the Gtk tree is the way to go. In my point of view it's to much burden for the developper.

Now, the only valid argument (again, that's a point of view ) to not support this functionnality in the gtk tree is that it would be to a pain in the hass to mantain it.
So, even if if i only contributed a few patch to the gtk printing system, i think that if this is the only real argument against tearoff menus , i propose to maintain them in the gtk tree so everybody should be happy.

Please feel free to comment.

ps: i'm not currently a core developper and don't have commit access, even if i have some local patches in my gtk tree that should not interrest anyone but me. So i'm pretty used to gtk core programming.

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