Minutes of the gtk+ team IRC meeting - 2010-05-25

• GApplication and GtkApplication
- walters and mclasen worked on GApplication's API after the first wave
  of comments
- walters is also working on the documentation
- win32/quartz versions of GApplication are still missing, and they might
  require some more iterations of the API
- ebassi has been working on re-implementing UniqueApp in terms of
  GtkApplication - specifically the message passing bits
- the main concern is a win32/quartz implementation; even a prototype one would
  be a good start

• xi2 merge
- garnacho made a xi2-for-master branch without the multi-device bits
- the branch seems to work fine
- gdk has been sealed in master and xi2-for-master has been updated to that
- ready to be merged
ACTION: merge xi2-for-master in master
ACTION: do a gtk+ release

• minor API cleanup possibilities
- GtkArg → GParameter
- unused GtkForeachData
- unused GtkWidgetHelpType

• change default values for properties
- flipping of orientables depends on this
- one problem is the change of the default from not visibile → visible
  - the change breaks a lot of assumptions inside GtkWidget
  - mostly undoable for 3.0
- the remaining properties are already done
ACTION: make orientables flippable

• revise 'deprecatable' list
- precedence should be given to cleaning up the already deprecated bits
- GtkRuler (used by dia, claws, possibly xsane; gimp has a fork)
- GtkHSV (used by gimp)
- GtkTearoffMenuItem (used by a vocal minority, complicates GtkMenu code)
- bug 610346 (allow-shrink vs. resizable)
- bug 619493 (GtkAdjustment accessors)

next meeting: 2010-06-08


W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.name
B: http://blogs.gnome.org/ebassi

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