gtk+ irc team meeting

hi everyone;

it's been a while since the last one, so let's get the ball rolling once

next tuesday I'll be offline, until the 25th included, but it would
still be good to have an irc meeting; the 26th is friday so I can
understand if people will just laugh at a proposal for holding the
meeting at that date. if everyone is okay with tuesday 23rd at 20:00 UTC
it's fine by me - I'll still try to attend, but I cannot promise

proposals for alternative dates and times are accepted.

the proposed agenda for the meeting is:

• CarlosGarnacho: MPX awesomeness GTK+/MPX

• CarlosGarnacho: GtkStyle (bug #541136) and GtkRcStyle (bug #540392)

• JavierJardon: Discuss possible solutions for
GtkTextView->need_im_reset accessor (Bug #163251)

• JavierJardon: Session Management support (GnomeClient replacement), is
really necessary? See Bug #79285 comment #30)

• EmmanueleBassi: Application class in GIO/GTK+; API, Shell and
application requirements - see GTK+/ApplicationClass

• Miscellaneous

see also:

the proposed time and date for various timezones is available at:



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