Re: 2.18.8 coming

Hi Matthias,

On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 8:03 PM, Matthias Clasen
<matthias clasen gmail com> wrote:
> Just wanted to let people know that I am planning to roll a 2.18.8
> release early next week. I've cherry-picked relevant bug-fixes for the
> X11 backend, but if there are fixes for win32, quartz or directfb that
> should go in this, can you (ie owners of these backends) please
> cherry-pick them yourself onto the gtk-2-18 branch ? I'll probably do
> the release Monday afternoon, so you've got the rest of the weekend to
> do it...

Thanks for the heads-up.  I saw you already committed the most
important Quartz patch to get in to a new 2.18 release (the patch for
598881).  I cherry picked two more patches that will help people on
64-bit systems.  I did a test build of the gtk-2-18 branch on my Mac
and it appears to build and run test apps just fine.



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