XCB + deprecating gtkx.h ?

  I was reading about XCB and trawled through the gtk list archives noticed
there was some discussion, but that deprecating gtkx.h seemed to stall things.
Maybe now that gtk3 is coming up it would be the time to consider deprecating
this, so that in future it could move to XCB?

(Forgive me if this has already happened).


XCB Thread from 2006
http://www.mail-archive.com/gtk-devel-list gnome org/msg04252.html

>Ross Burton wrote:
>> This sounds good to me.  Would deprecating gtkx.h be considered when XCB
>> is sufficiently deployed?
>It's almost an academic question, right... it's not like anything 
>deprecated in 2.0.0 has been removed yet.

Then maybe now would be the time to do this ?



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