Minutes of the GTK+ team IRC meeting - 2010-06-22

• Decisions about the latest missing accessor functions
- mostly left are head-scratching, "we need use cases" ones
- _gtk_window_group_get_current_grab()
  + potential issues in exposing the grab internals
- Glade:
  + gtk_font_selection_dialog_get_font_selection()
  + but really, we need a new font selection dialog
  + replacement for GTK_WIDGET_UNSET_FLAGS (widget, GTK_TOPLEVEL)
  + former is trivial, latter requires moving to GtkOffscreenWindow
- would be nice to have all accessors by GNOME 2.31.4, but it's not
  strictly necessary
- GtkButton:in_button, for GDL
  + https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=622186
  + work-around using a leave event
- GtkRange:has_stepper_x
  + https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=621250
  + style property and detail string

• Potential API changes for better introspection/bindings. See Bug #621590
- walters was asking for bending the rule of minimal compilation
- case in point: gtk_tree_path_get_indices() is missing a length out parameter
- pro: would make the life of introspection/bindings easier
- con: would make porting harder
- possible solution: add a new function, gtk_tree_path_to_indices()
  + keeps symmetry, consistency
- renaming and hiding facilities exist in the introspection annotations
- in practice, we can fix API warts that make the life of bindings harder
  but only by addition + rename, or addition + deprecation, not by change

• GDateTime in GLib? See Bug #50076
- can be considered a wholesale replacement of GDate, with time granularity
- API looks good
- except the timezone one
  + requires using timezone data, either from the tz_data database or
    from native APIs
  + win32 is a bit of a problem: XP pre-SP2 doesn't have API to do that
  + we can probably add the timezone API at a later date, and keep the
    localtime + UTC
- would be nice to have GtkCalendar using the new API, to iron out the
  eventual caveats/warts

• Proxy suport in GIO ? (need for reviewer) Bug #580341
- pending a reviewer
- and a feature freeze date for GLib
- needs further discussion on the API intent and implementation

next meeting: 2010-07-06


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