Re: Generic undo stack for GTK+

On 06/16/2010 10:01 PM, Holger Berndt wrote:
Some time ago, there was some discussion about a generic undo stack in
GTK+ [1]. The talk back then didn't result in more concrete API
discussion. As undo/redo is part of the GTK+ Roadmap [2], I now shot
ahead and created an undo proposal page [3] for that. Comments are very

I think it would be unfortunate to limit the generic undo mechanism to a stack, when full preservation of undo-version controlled data requires a tree:

4   7
|  /
3 5

In the above tree, 4 revisions are created, then two undos are made, and then two new revisions are created from revisions 2. You don't want to end up with the undo stack


and lose 3 and 4.

Having a sane UI for this is a different matter, maybe most applications would only use the simpler stack based undo structure, but tree based undo apps should also be able to use the generic solution.

 / Martin


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