Installing gtk-modules to gnome-settings-daemon

I'm currently working on porting gnome-packagekit to using GSettings.
GPK used to install a key (with schema) to
/apps/gnome-settings-daemon/gtk-modules to autoload the pk-gtk-module
which provides the hooks required to do the font auto-installation

In a GSettings world, I'm not sure I can install new schema in a
"foreign" tree like this, and I'm not sure if gnome-settings-daemon
would be able to "walk the tree" of keys like it used to with GConf.

I'm pretty sure we don't want to load all the gtk-modlues by default
and not let a user disable them, but I've not got any better ideas
that involve keeping the translations and that kind of thing. Maybe we
want to ship a .desktop file with the gtk-module in a GNOME 3 world,
not sure.

Ideas welcome, thanks.


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