Re: Minutes of the gtk+ team IRC meeting - 2010-05-25

From: "ecyrbe", Date: 01/06/2010 11:02:

> What about my proposition to maintain tearoff menus inside Gtk in a proper and refactored way?

Could it be a sign of a problem, that TearOffMenu's require so many internal hooks at all?

I liked tear off menu's, personaly, because I can never remember the keyboard shortcuts.  But even better, would be built-in mechanism to make menu and toolbar configuration easy enough that just about every non-trivial app will be practically expected to do it.

My musings were towards how hard it would be to implement a "customisable item group" meta-item that can function as a placeholder in a menu or toolbar, allowing action-based items to be dragged in, out, or rearranged, with a shift-key combo or a FireFox-style actions bin and app-global "customisation flag".

In te meantime, the TearOffMenu's are a cool feature of GTK+ apps, especially around the 'doze...


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