GVolumeMonitor and Nautilus with mount --bind

I have been investigating a bug in nautilus that occurs when mounting folders with the --bind option. This bug is described in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/452049 Yesterday I have had some time to go through the nautilus source that takes care of adding the volumes and mount points to the nautilus places sidebar (nautilus-places-sidebar.c). I believe that the wrong behaviour is not caused by nautilus itself, but instead by glib (or GIO). For mounts with the --bind option Glib creates a GVolume repesenting the bind, but not a GMount for the mount point. Nautilus then treats the mount point as not mounted, and when clicking on it an error occours that it can not be mounted.

I have filed bug 625552 which describes this problem. Since I have managed to track the bug so far I would like to investigate it further, but I need some additional information:

* Am I right with my assumptions that this is a bug in glib? Or am I wrong and this can be fixed in nautilus? * Can anyone suggestion where to look in the glib to find more about the mounting and volume detection process? Particularly g_volume_monitor_get_volumes()

* Finally: What kind of mounts would cause glib to return a GVolume without a corresponding GDrive and GMount?

Best Regards

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