PyGtk and gtk-3.0 compatibility


First of all, PyGI and GObject introspection is the way forward.

Now, that being said, it seems a little silly to spend all this effort
porting C apps in GNOME to gtk-3.0 only to see the first PyGtk app drag
back in the gtk-2.0 libraries with "import gtk".

So I spent a little time trying to get PyGtk to build with GSEAL. Turns
out it wasn't that hard [1][2].

Only a few accessors were missing
  * GtkWindow.has_user_ref_count
  * GtkInvisible.has_user_ref_count
    These both are used in the sink funcs, and seem to be a synonym
    for checking the object has not been destroyed. 
  * gtk_menu_get_position_func{,_data}

So, what is the opinion on this? Is it worth me continuing? My idea
would be to make *only one* PyGtk release that builds against gtk-3.0,
it would see no new features.



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