Re: Height for width treeviews

On Jul 2, 2010, at 7:29 PM, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
>> * Toying with your 'wrapping treeview' demo, and making it as narrow
>> as possible, I notice 'demonstrate' overlaps with the icon next cell.
>> Shouldn't that line have determined the minimum width of that cell,
>> preventing it from shrinking any further ?
> I'll look further into this, its probable that I introduced
> a minor bug in spacing/padding calculations.
> Some refactoring around those allocations was needed here because the
> column->width used to be padding/spacing inclusive (which does not make sense if
> the column needs to use its width to position its renderers).

I rather not include this refactoring together with the native-layout changes if possible and thus first merge only the required native-layout changes and then look at further issues.

>> * Looking at the list store example in gtk-demo, and sorting by
>> clicking on the headers, there is an off-by-a-few-pixels delta
>> between the header and the sort column background. The delta grows as
>> you sort by columns further right, so I think this may be some missing
>> per-column padding, or something.
> Probably also related to afore mentioned refactor... I'll look into
> that (these spacing bugs should at least be easy to fix compared
> to scrolled window).

Getting the spacing/padding/etc bugs figured out is harder than you think and that's why I would prefer to merge without these refactorings.

>> * Using tests/testtreecolumns, and adding 2 columns to one of the
>> windows, the column resizing is wonky. If I start dragging the
>> separator, I have to go almost all the way to the right, then the
>> column jumps. Once it jumped, it follows the pointer further to the
>> right, but if I move too far left, it jumps back.
> Ok I had not viewed those effects, fixing that will be a matter
> of tracing the ever-so-stateful treeview structures during drag
> resize operations under different configurations, I'll get on that
> next chance I get.

You broke column resizing that we carefully fixed two years ago ;)  See the review mail I sent you earlier this evening.

In summary, let's focus on writing a patch to support native-layout in tree view that does as little changes as possible and fix the other issues separately at a later point in time.



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