Less GdkWindows in the API

I have always disliked how GTK+'s API often leaks the concept of X
windows, often called just "windows", by which a GdkWindow is usually
implied. That's obviously confusing to people who think of windows as
top-level application windows, like GtkWindow. And it seems to be rather
X specific, though GTK+ is a cross-platform toolkit.

Some examples:

I really wish we could hide this from the API, maybe in GTK+ 3. Can't we
just add a child window when someone tries to do something that would
require it? Can't we just set the right flag on the child window when
someone does something that would need it?

At the least, if typical developers must know about GdkWindow, I'd like
our documentation to explain this concept better, instead of just saying
that it's "low-level":

murrayc murrayc com

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