Re: On Ctrl+tab

Hi Jud,

Thanks for bringing this up.

How about: those who care come up with a replacement combination for focus
navigation in GTK+, and a patch to implement ctrl+tab to change tabs, and
submit that for upstream inclusion and see if we get any substantial (other
than "breaks back-compat")?

Personally I think it would be a significant compatibility step forward.


On 01/12/2010 08:01 PM, Jud Craft wrote:
> I hate to force open an old topic, but this recently came up as an
> Ubuntu launchpad bug for their Paper Cuts project.  [1]
> The essence of the problem is that while Ctrl-Tab is reserved by GTK for
> keyboard navigation, it has also been claimed by many popular
> applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux for tabbed-document navigation.
> Due to its ubiquity, the conflict is very evident in GNOME programs,
> where the behavior is completely different, even on the same Linux
> operating system - between Epiphany and Firefox, Empathy and Pidgin,
> Anjuta and MonoDevelop as examples.
> And arguably, Firefox and Pidgin are more popular than GTK and even
> other GTK applications (note that Pidgin itself is one).
> Behdad Esfahbod brought this up on desktop-devel-list, but the thread
> previously lost momentum.  However, aside from "continue as is", nothing
> was ever resolved.
> 1.
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