Re: Testing for memory leaks in GTK

Tomeu Vizoso wrote:

> While I agree that would be good to have something with a lower
> barrier,


Currently, to debug memory leaks in code that uses GTK+ we have the
widely known and used tool Valgrind which throws up many thousands of
false positives or a GTK+ specific tool like RefDbg, which needs to be 
compiled from source and which also requires you to build the whole
of the GTK+ stack from source.

Sorry, but this situation is somewhat sub-optimal.

> I think that building gtk+ and its dependencies in a
> dedicated prefix dir is a learning experience that will be of use to
> all users of gtk+.

What is it you expect people to learn from this experience? I've been
using Linux since 1995 and back then I compiled just about everything
from source, from binutils and gcc up. I really don't feel any nostalgia
for those days.

I currently do most of my development work on an older laptop which
is both CPU and memory constrained. Building everything on that 
system would be a royal PITA in terms of build speed and would also
require me to reclaim disk space currently used by other stuff.
Fortunately, that system is about to be replaced with something pretty
close to cutting edge where this won't be an issue.

> Jhbuild may help there.

Yes, Jhbuild looks useful.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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