Re: pango @ introspection.m4

On Jan 4, 2010, at 4:35 AM, Philip Withnall wrote:

> In short, you need to install gobject-introspection >= 0.6.7.

Which is deliberately broken for OSX and MSWindows. From gobject-introspection/giscanner/

# This is a what we do for non-la files. We assume that we are on an
# ELF-like system where ldd exists and the soname extracted with ldd is
# a filename that can be opened with dlopen().
# On OS X this will need a straightforward alternate implementation
# in terms of otool.
# Windows is more difficult, since there isn't always a straightforward
# translation between library name (.lib) and the name of the .dll, so
# extracting the dll names from the compiled app may not be sufficient.
# We might need to hunt down the .lib in the compile-time path and
# use that to figure out the name of the DLL.

No such implementations exist.

I've filed against Pango. 

On a more philosphical note: 
Why is introspection a separate project rather than part of the glib tree?
Why do you guys not have a system in place to make sure that your cross-platform work can't get torpedoed like this? 

John Ralls

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