Re: pango @ introspection.m4

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 2:17 PM, Johan Dahlin <johan gnome org> wrote:
> It is intentionally, you need introspection.m4 to run from pango
> that's what Behdad wanted, you should aim your questions at him.

understood. but now i am puzzled. is there no process for this? i am
on gtk-devel-list, and i am cc'ed on all bugzilla reports that go to
the gtk-osx maintainer aliases. what happened here is that behdad made
the change, and the gtk-osx modulesets have not been updated. is there
someway that this is supposed to happen or is the assumption just that
stuff will break and people will fix it? was there an announcement
that i didn't see but could have?

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