Re: Introduction

2010/2/22 Greg Sieranski <gps signbit org>:
> Hi guys,

Hello Greg,

> I currently work on the fedora website and marketing projects. I would love
> to be able to help out with gtk+ development for gnome. I am very
> experienced in c, c++, python. I am a huge fan of open source and love to
> contribute any way I can.  Please let me know how I may be of any
> assistance.

Great! :)

Take a look here [1] for some GTK+ tasks and here [2] for GTK+ 3 stuff.

If you are interested in bug triaging, you can use the links of this
[4] page for specific kind of bugs (Search for
trivial bugs with unreviewed patches would be a good start ;))



Javier Jardón Cabezas

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