Re: IPv6 Link local addresses not supported.

On 11/30/2010 12:12 PM, Achuta wrote:
> Hi,
> GLib/GIO cannot listen on IPv6 link local address. This bug is because
> GSocketAddress does not have a field for "sin6_scope_id" to fill in
> interface
> index (as stated in `man 7 ipv6`).
> I would like to make the changes. Is there some manual/procedures on
> code contribution and submission?

Not really... read the existing code and make something that looks
similar basically. (And then attach it to the bug you filed, in "git
format-patch" format, or use git-bz to automate that.)

In this case you'd probably want to add
g_inet_socket_address_get_scope_id()  and

-- Dan

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