Re: GTK+ 2.21.7 for updating Android

Dear Mr Clasen,

I must say I was surprized to find that if I try to "reply" to somebody
with Redhat, my answer wil be directed to gnome. 

I must also say that I oppose graphics since it uses most
computerfacilities undue. When I want to send a 40 chars long message
saying that I will be a little late tonight, the 40 chars are packed in
a several kBs of graphical wrappings and sent together with an even
longer HTML version, to dump it on somebody's PC in graphics 1024 * 768
* 3 ( bytes per pixel ).

I have a gsm ( cell phone ) maybe 10 years, but all I used it for is
some 20 times almost the same message which I should have preprogrammed
in it: 

"My train will arrive at the station at about xx:xx, can you please pick
me up there? Kiss"

But now I purchased one of the new Android phones and am impressed what
I can do with it, but I want ( much ) more. 

I started behind computers in 1959, programming the 2nd or 3rd mainframe
in my country in machine code on papertape and reading its output from a
scope in 'pages' of 1024 pixel or no-pixel and after that IBM 360,
14(20), time sharing on Bull, Fortran in 1992, Algol60, Pascal, Modula,
basic, C, C++ since 1992 and used as OS Primos, UNIX, and I do not know
how many Linux releases. 

I believe that gave me sufficient expertise to modify the contents of my
new toy. I have Dimarzio's "Android, a programmers guide" and see that
he, although he says he worked in linux, uses ( a linux version of? )
Eclipse, which I believe is mainly used by Windows people.

My experiece with gtk+ is nil, I told you why. Nonetheless I think I
rather learn to and use gtk+ than eclipse.

So my question is: can I use gtk+ as replacement for eclipse?



Nieuwenhuizen, Prof. Ir. J.K.    email: jk nieuwenhuizen-jk nl
dom Paul Bellotweg 8             internet: www.nieuwenhuizen
Tel: 0402442226

On Mon, 2010-08-30 at 15:57 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote: 
> GTK+ 2.21.7 is now available for download at:
>  d55fdc6638d2b9df3867346da0afe142475fe8a1d9b6ef3910dacedb8af427d2  gtk
> +-2.21.7.tar.bz2
> 0030911c1817495a58c06adc5785417ffd7d4699e73326f0d1bddd947aa8990d  gtk
> +-2.21.7.tar.gz
> This is a development release leading toward 2.22.
> Notes:
> August 30, 2010
> Matthias Clasen
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