Re: What replaces =?utf-8?b?Z2RrX2JpdG1hcF9jcmVhdGVfZnJvbV9kYXRhKCk=?= ?

Murray Cumming <murrayc <at>> writes:
> gdk_bitmap_create_from_data() has been removed but it's not yet
> deprecated in the gtk-2-22 branch, so I can't read about what replaces
> it. I see no other simple way to create a GdkBitmap.
A GdkBitmap is just a GdkPixmap with a depth of 1. Even in the code, it's just
a typedef. Also, I deprecated it in 2.22, see
for the commit doing that. It adds documentation, too!

> Is GdkBitmap meant to be removed completely? There are still functions
> in git master that take it as a parameter.
It's gone in the rendeirng-cleanup branch. See my mail from today.


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