Re: GVolumeMonitor and Nautilus with mount --bind


On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 2:22 AM, Sebastian Geiger <sbastig gmx net> wrote:
> I have filed bug 625552

I've asked for some more information in that bug.

> which describes this problem. Since I have managed
> to track the bug so far I would like to investigate it further, but I need
> some additional information:
> * Am I right with my assumptions that this is a bug in glib? Or am I wrong
> and this can be fixed in nautilus?

Bug is most likely not in Nautilus - Nautilus is just a user of the
GVolumeMonitor APIs as is the GTK+ file chooser and other apps. The
bug is likely in GVfs's GVolumeMonitor implementation - see for the code.

The correct solution is probably to completely ignore bind mounts in
the UI. But please provide the information requested in the bug and we
can take it from there.


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